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In west Hertfordshire around 30,000 people are living with diabetes – around 1 in 20 residents. About nine out of 10 people have Type 2 diabetes, which is often linked to lifestyle issues such as an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise.

Many people will experience potentially preventable complications from their diabetes such heart disease, blindness, kidney damage and amputations because they don’t know enough about their condition and how to manage it.

There are a range of NHS services locally that aim to prevent people developing Type 2 diabetes and provide support and treatment for people living with diabetes:


Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme

If you're at risk of Type 2 diabetes, making small changes could prevent diabetes from developing in the first place and this is what the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme aims to do.

The programme runs across Hertfordshire and west Essex. Those referred to the service will receive tailored, personalised support to reduce their risk of Type 2 diabetes including education on healthy eating and lifestyle, help to lose weight and physical exercise programmes.

You are eligible for support through the service if you meet the following criteria:

  • Aged 18 years and over
  • Have high glucose levels Find out what this means here
  • Not pregnant
  • Able to take part in light/ moderate physical activity

How to join

If you have been told you are at risk of diabetes and meet the criteria, you can access your local Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme service in the following ways:

  • A referral from your GP or nurse
  • A referral from a Health Check professional

Find out more by going to the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme website.

Integrated diabetes service

The integrated diabetes service increases the amount of support available in the community for people who have been diagnosed as having diabetes.

It adds to existing support which includes close monitoring of patients within the community through six monthly check-ups. If any issues are identified patients are referred for follow-up support, with the most urgent cases being seen by the following day.

The integrated service brings together the various clinical services that support diabetics including retinal screening, community nurses and mental health services. It also links with other providers such as social services, nursing homes and the voluntary sector.

The integrated service provides a single point of referral for GPs so that patients are seen by the right person and service for their needs and they get comprehensive and coordinated help.

Advice and education to help patients look after themselves is a key feature of the service. Newly diagnosed patients are invited to go on a structured programme that runs over six weeks and gives them the information they need to help them manage their diabetes.

The service also provides training and education for GPs and practice nurses to help them better support their patients. Practices can call on specialist support if they have a patient needing more complex help.

West Hertfordshire Hospital NHS Trust (WHHT) is the lead provider for this service working on a five year contract with Hertfordshire Community Trust, Hertfordshire Partnership Foundation Trust (HPFT) and Herts One GP Federation

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