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Community vasectomy

Community vasectomies, carried out under local anaesthetic, are provided by Tollgate Clinic for males aged 18 and over in west Hertfordshire.

Discussion of sterilisation is a routine part of contraceptive advice offered by health professionals.  Vasectomy is available for men who want to make a permanent and irreversible decision that they should never subsequently father a child.  All men requesting a vasectomy should first be fully assessed and counselled to establish that the procedure is the most appropriate intervention and is a voluntary act on their part.

Community vasectomies are available in the following clinics:

St Albans

Davenport House Surgery, Bowers Way, Harpenden AL5 4HX

Thursday and Saturday 9am - 5pm

Watford & Three Rivers

Sheepcot Medical Centre, 6 Cunningham Way, Watford WD25 7NL

Wednesday and Saturday 9am - 5pm


NHS Vasectomy Service – Self-Referral option

Patients in Herts Valley CCG wishing to be referred for NHS Vasectomy can self-refer to the service without the need for an appointment with their registered GP.

Patients may still choose to make an appointment with their GP to discuss their options in more detail. If, however, they are sure they wish to proceed with the surgery, they may submit a self-referral form online at

Tollgate Clinic provides the vasectomy service from several locations across Hertfordshire.  Please contact the Tollgate Clinic on 01206 987525 with any queries you may have.


Contact and futher information

You can contact Tollgate Clinic by telephone on 01206 987525.

Further information is on their website:

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