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Community musculoskeletal (MSK), pain and postural stability

Herts Valleys Integrated Musculoskeletal (MSK) Service brings together a range of specialist MSK clinicians to assess, diagnose and manage your condition at health centres, GP surgeries and gyms in your local community. It supports patients with MSK, rheumatology and pain-related conditions and people who are at risk of falls. The service is provided by Connect Physical Health.

You will be referred into the new service by your GP.

What is the approach and benefits to patients?

Rather than providing the service under a number of contracts, as was previously the case, we want patients to be able to go to a single service with more specialists and other resources to call on. This helps patients to be seen more quickly so that we can avoid people’s condition worsening, reduces the number of people needing surgery and increases patients’ chances of making a full recovery. 

Over 6,000 patients have been transferred to Connect Health from previous providers, including Hertfordshire Community Trust, since the service launched in January 2018. 

Physiotherapy for patients who have had a trauma or an emergency attendance at hospital is still provided by hospital physiotherapists.

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More information about the new service can be found through the Connect Health website.

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