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I think I need a coronavirus test. How can I get one?

If you have any of the coronavirus symptoms, try to arrange a test straight away.  If you can access the internet, go to  Do not try to book a test if you haven’t got symptoms. Tests are only for those with symptoms and you would be making it harder for people with symptoms to get the test they need.

What if I can’t get online? 

If you can’t get online, or have trouble using websites, you can try the telephone test booking number, which is 119. However, the telephone service doesn’t have access to any more tests than the online booking system. If there are no appointments online, calling 119 will not help.

I have symptoms but I haven’t been able to get a test. What should I do?

We know that many people all over the country are having problems booking a test and we understand how frustrating this is. Do keep trying, as new testing slots are added regularly during the day. 

Can I get a test from my GP, hospital or by turning up to a test site and joining the queue?

No.  The only way for members of the public to get a test anywhere is to use the booking service.  Your GP does not have any COVID tests and they cannot diagnose COVID-19 in an appointment.  Going to a GP practice with symptoms endangers others and could cause the practice to close. Hospitals only have a very limited number of tests for patients about to have planned treatments, or waiting to be discharged from hospital – you can’t get a test in an A&E department.  If you turn up at a testing site without an appointment, staff cannot and will not test you. 

I haven’t been able to get a COVID test, but I have symptoms. What should I do?

If you have COVID symptoms but haven’t been able to get a test within 5 days of your symptoms developing, you should act as if you have the virus and follow the self-isolation guidance.  You must not leave your home for 10 days and anyone in your household or support bubble who hasn’t got symptoms must stay at home too, for 14 days.  This is in case they go on to develop symptoms as well. If people in your household go on to develop symptoms, they should try to get a test too.  Detailed government advice on staying at home can be found here:  If you need to get food or other essential supplies during your isolation, please ask a friend or a family member who doesn’t live with you to get them for you.  

How can I look after myself if I have COVID-19, or the symptoms of the virus?

There is currently no specific treatment for coronavirus, but you can often ease the symptoms at home until you recover, using the advice on the NHS website:

If your symptoms get worse and you are worried, go to . If you don’t have access to the internet, you can ring NHS 111.  If you have a long-term health condition and you are worried about the impact of your coronavirus symptoms on your health, contact your GP surgery online or on the phone.

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