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Help us help you get the treatment you need: Services for children in Hertfordshire

‘Hertfordshire health services - ready and waiting to help your child’ is the message in an important new video for the county’s parents and carers.

New statistics show that A&E attendances around the country are about 50 per cent lower than at this time last year and recent research carried out by the NHS has revealed that people are letting their worries about catching coronavirus affect their decisions about whether to seek medical help. 

This has led to concerns amongst the county’s doctors and nurses that children could be missing out on the health help they need, with potentially life-threatening consequences. 

Katie Randall, a specialist children’s community nursing manager at Hertfordshire Community Trust, is featured in the video which is being shared on social media.  Katie said: “Evidence from around the world suggests that children are at very low risk of becoming ill because of coronavirus.  However, illnesses like meningitis, sepsis, asthma and mental health problems pose a very real risk to children and young people, so it’s vital to get in touch with the NHS if your child is unwell.

“We’d like to remind all parents and carers to know that the NHS is there to support children and young people.  GP surgeries and A&E departments are open and taking the utmost care to ensure that patients and staff are cared for safely, so please don’t be afraid of contacting the NHS if your child is unwell. Some other services are also available online, including mental wellbeing and support.”

Research by NHS England also found that four in 10 people are concerned about being a burden on the NHS to seek help from their GP. However, seeking medical help is one of the four important reasons for going out and about, in line with government guidance.

In the video, Katie talks about the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health ‘traffic light’ poster which provides information on what to do if your child is unwell, which can be found here:

The NHS website also provides information on what to do if your child becomes ill, which can be accessed here

To see the video of Katie, visit



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