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We want people to get involved and influence local health services. As a CCG, putting patients, carers and service users at the centre of our plan and getting their input is very important.  When major plans are being considered to the way services are being delivered we want to hear what you have to say so that these views are integral in helping us make decisions.

In addition to local consultations we will bring to your attention national and regional consultations which might be of interest.  For more information on NHS England consultations click here

We have no current consultations however details of past consultations coordinated by Herts Valleys Clincal Commissioning Group and their partners are accessible using the information below.

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Hertfordshire CCGs identified they needed to make the best use of the money available, so that as many people can be helped as possible to live healthier, longer lives, avoiding preventable illnesses.

There was simply not enough money to do everything and continue as before – we consulted across Hertfordshire to hear views about some difficult decisions on how to spend the money available to the local NHS.

For more information on the consultation and the decisions click here


West Herts Medical Centre and Urgent Treatment Centre

This consultation which took place between January and March 2018 invited views from patients, potential users, NHS employees and anyone with an interest in the services provided at either the Hemel urgent treatment centre or West Herts Medical Centre. There were two aspects to the consultation:

Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) opening hours

Respondents were asked to what extent they supported or opposed the following three options for future opening hours of the UTC at Hemel Hempstead Hospital:

  • Option 1: 8am to 10pm
  • Option 2: 8am to midnight
  • Option 3: 24 hours

West Herts Medical Centre contract

Respondents were asked to what extent they supported or opposed the following two options for the service for patients registered at West Herts after October 2018:

  •  Option 1: Do not renew the contract and support patients to re-register with other practices
  •  Option 2: Renew the contract when it expires in October 2018

In addition, the consultation invited respondents to give feedback on related health care priorities and to offer other comments about urgent care in west Hertfordshire.

Engagement reports

To view the full report on the engagement, together with an independent view of the consultation click here

To view the September report to the Herts Valleys board which details recommendations and patient preferences for approval click here.


Consultation for the relocation of Moorfields Eye Hospital from City Road to St Pancras

Committees in Common meeting - Launch of consultation for the relocation of Moorfields Eye Hospital from City Road to St Pancras

DATE: Wednesday, 24 April 2019

TIME: 5.30pm – 6.30pm

LOCATION: The Wesley Euston Hotel and Conference Venue, 81-103 Euston Square, London, NW1 2EZ

Meeting Summary

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and its research and education partner, the University College London (UCL) Institute of Ophthalmology have been exploring the opportunity to move services from their existing premises in City Road and Bath Street in Islington to the St Pancras hospital site in Camden by 2025/26. Moorfields Eye Hospital has been exploring options since 2013.

Moorfields services are commissioned by CCGs across England, as well as NHS England Specialised Commissioning, with 14 London and Hertfordshire commissioners holding significant contracts (defined as > £2m per annum). These 14 constitute the “lead” CCGs in this process.

In order to proceed to public consultation, a decision of the 14 lead Clinical Commissioning Groups* is required to endorse that they have received sufficient assurance in relation to the pre-consultation business case. 

Please see the papers below:

Moorfields Consultation Committees in Common – Agenda

Cover Sheet for Consultation Committees in Common

Moorfields Pre Consultation Business Case

Cover letter for Moorfields Clinical Senate Review

Moorfields Clinical Senate Review

Response to Clinical Senate Report

Clinical Senate response letter 28 January 2019

Consultation Mandate

Consultation Plan for Public and Patients

Moorfields Commissioner Financial Assurance Letter


Coming to the meeting

Members of the public are very welcome to attend the meeting, listen to the discussions and observe our decision-making process. Important to note that the Committees in Common is held in public, and not a 'public meeting'.

Asking questions

Members of the public can ask questions about the Committees in Common agenda items before the meeting. Any questions relating to the agenda must be submitted to the by 9am on Tuesday 23rd  April. We will endeavour to provide answers at the beginning of the meeting (in the ‘questions from the public’ agenda item), or in writing afterwards, depending on the number and complexity of questions we receive. We have set a limit of three questions per individual or organisation. However, questions and feedback can, of course, also be submitted outside of our formal meetings through our normal communication channels. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions relating to agenda items at the meeting during the ‘Questions from the public’ agenda item. This agenda slot will include questions asked in advance of the meeting and questions asked on the day, and will be managed at the Chair’s discretion within the time available.

*The 14 CCGs directly involved with Moorfields Consultation are NHS Camden CCG, NHS Islington CCG, NHS Barnet CCG,  NHS City and Hackney CCG,  NHS Ealing CCG, NHS East and North Hertfordshire CCG,  NHS Enfield CCG,  NHS Haringey CCG,  NHS Havering CCG,  NHS Herts Valley CCG, NHS Newham CCG,  NHS Redbridge CCG, NHS Tower Hamlets CCG,  NHS Waltham Forest CCG.

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