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Patient groups and community networks

Patient participation groups (PPGs) are groups of patients linked with a GP practice. There are different forms of PPGs, some meet on a regular basis, some are virtual groups which mean that communication is mainly by email and some are a mixture of both.  They all vary in size.

Why should you join a PPG?

Being a member of a PPG means that you can represent registered patients, provide feedback on the services the practice offers, help the practice make improvements and promote health and improved quality of care.  PPGS work in partnership with practice staff.

This can mean reviewing the practice patient survey and working to develop an action plan to address any issues and to improve services. Many PPGs also produce practice newsletters, arrange health information sessions and some support the practice by signposting patients to other support services and networks.

To find out about your PPG and how to join the PPG at your practice check their website or contact the practice manager at your surgery.

The National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP) provides guidance around getting involved and joining your local PPG.

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PPG Network

To support the patient groups from our 67 local GP practices we have set up a PPG networks to:

  • Share good practice.
  • Support and encourage the development of an active practice patient group in every GP practice in west Herts.
  • Link with individual practice patient groups.
  • To encourage each practice patient group to have a representative at their locality patient group (see below)

Read the group's terms of reference.

Locality patient networks

There is a patient group in each of our localities (Watford and Three Rivers, Hertsmere, Dacorum, and St Albans and Harpenden). At the moment these groups normally meet for a couple of hours in the evening once or twice a month. Each area sends two representatives to the patient and public involvement (PPI) committee, which is a sub-committee of our board.

We would like to get more people involved in these small groups. We need people with all sorts of skills to get involved and are prepared to contribute to committees or are just passionate about improving health services.

For more information contact either Heather Aylward or the groups directly via their locality web page.

West Herts Yammer network

This site has been established to assist members of PPGS and other patient groups in west Herts to share information either across the network, within localities or in groups. The network itself was set up by our Patient and Public Involvement Committee to establish a patient network sharing good practice, supporting and encouraging the development of active patient groups in each GP practice and as a conduit for communication. 

The site is used to promote meetings and events, offer opportunities for engagement and for discussion between groups and individuals.

 If you would like to join the yammer network contact

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