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Patient and public involvement committee and patient delegate to the board

The role of our PPI Committee is to provide assurance to our board that there is meaningful participation in the business of the organisation from patients, carers, families and members of the public across the locality. Its role also includes the review of strategies and proposals to offer views from patients' perspectives.

The PPI Committee, recently, has: discussed all consultation proposals, prior to launch,to input into and influence plans for communications and engagement and the proposals themselves; they have received regular updates on service redesign and procurement with an opportunity to find out and question patient involvement in the process; they bring feedback and updates from and to their locality networks to enhance communication with local people and groups.

The proposals have included our ‘Let’s Talk’ consultation where the PPI committee supported and helped to facilitate public meetings, ensuring that local people had an opportunity to participate.

The committee is made up of two patient representatives from each of our four localities, a Healthwatch Hertfordshire representative, and it is chaired by our lay representative with responsibility for PPI.

A patient member of the committee also sits on our board as a patient  delegate – currently this role is shared by two members, John Wigley and Jill Ainsworth-Beardmore.

For more information contact Heather Aylward

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