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Participation strategy


Participation strategy

Our participation strategy was refreshed in 2018 and our two patient representatives to the board were key contributors, as was our lay board member with responsibility for patient and public involvement.  We also sought feedback widely from stakeholders and partners including:

  • PPI committee

  • Board lay member for patient involvement

  • Local patient engagement network

  • Healthwatch Hertfordshire

  • NHS England

  • Local NHS providers

  • HCC scrutiny officers

  • Health and Wellbeing Board

Comments from all partners were incorporated in the strategy.

Here is the foreword from our Chair, Dr Nicolas Small:


Here at Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) we want to encourage and facilitate the maximum possible participation of patients and local people, in our work. And we want to make it easy and rewarding for people to work with us.

This is because we are genuinely committed to making the views of local people count. We know that we will only get things right if we hear from, listen to and are influenced by the people who use the health services we commission on their behalf.

We also know that certain groups of people are less likely to get involved and some of those are people who are most disadvantaged in terms of health outcomes. Our new strategy will help us direct our energies to encouraging those groups and those living in our more deprived communities– who we don’t hear from often enough.

Overall this strategy signals a renewed and increased focus on the voice of patients, carers and local people and a desire to branch out in terms of the local residents who play a part in the work that we do. 

Developing a strong and sizeable cohort of community health ambassadors is a key part of this approach. We will work hard across our organisation to put into practice our commitment to broadening the base of our public involvement and to making those contributions really count.

This renewed strategy also directs us to monitor and evaluate our participation work more – so that we can review how effective it is.

Our overall vision for engagement is that:

Patients, carers and people living in west Hertfordshire will have many and varied opportunities to influence our work and the decisions we take. The ways that people will participate in our work will reflect the diversity of our population. We seek to work in partnership with local people, operating with transparency and making sure that people’s contributions make a genuine and significant difference."

Dr Nicolas Small

Chair, Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group


Read our participation strategy here


Participation strategy: equality impact assessment (EQIA)

The strategy sets out how the CCG will approach patient and public engagement. Public involvement in commissioning is about enabling people to express their views and contribute to plans, proposals and decisions about services.

To view the EQIA, click here



Strategy implementation plan

To see how we are implementing the participation strategy, here


We have re-worded our consitution which was agreed by our board as part of its review in March 2019 this will be incorporated into a new constitution once approved by our GP membership.

Public, patient and carer involvement

 In carrying out its functions the CCG shall make arrangements to secure public involvement in the planning, development and consideration of proposals for changes and decisions affecting the operation of commissioning arrangements. Local people will be encouraged to become involved in:   

  • The planning of the CCG commissioning arrangements.

  • The development and consideration of the proposals by the CCG for changes in the commissioning arrangements.

  • The decisions of the CCG affecting the operation of commissioning arrangements where the decisions would, if made, impact on the manner in which the services are delivered to the individuals or the range of health services available to them.  

    The CCG will use a range of methods for involving the public and these will be set out in the participation strategy and published on the website.  

    A formal sub-committee of the Governing Body will be responsible for assuring the Governing Body of meaningful participation. This is the patient and public involvement committee (PPI) and it will also be a focal point for gathering views from local patient representatives from all four localities. 

 The Governing Body will have patient representation to the Governing Body itself – by way of a representative of the patient and public involvement committee. 

The CCG will ensure that participants are provided with information about decision-making processes when involved in CCG activities.  The CCG shall actively promote the involvement of patients, their carers and the public in meeting its strategic objectives. 

At all times, the CCG shall act with a view to enabling patients to make choices in respect of those health services provided for them.  

The CCG Governing Body shall prepare and publish on its website, clear information about how local people can participate in a range of ways. This will be reviewed regularly and will form part of its participation strategy, for review every two years.


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