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Celebrate Primary Care Successes Event

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We held our Celebrate Primary Care Workforce & Innovations Successes event virtually and it was a great success!

You can find below all the nominees, winners and the videos of all the nominations below.

Nomination Categories:

General Practice/Primary Care Network/Federation Innovation:

● Supported retention and recruitment of staff

·         Dacorum GP Federation Board

And the winner is: Dacorum GP Federation Board!

● Reduced GP Workload

·         Nurse Led IUCD/Implant Fitting team

·         Rothschild House Surgery


And the winner is: Nurse Led IUCD/Implant Fitting team!

● Introduced new roles (Allied Health Professionals, Admin)

·         GP Practice Based Vulnerable Patient Care Coordinator Service

And the winner is: GP Practice Based Vulnerable Patient Care Coordinator Service

 Grouped nominations - combination of categories

·         Dr Sandip Pramanik & Practice

·         Nursing Team, Suthergrey House

·         Herts Health Hot Hub Team

·         Liz Cross & Attenborough PCN Nursing team

·         Meadowell Clinic Team

·         Leg Ulcer Team

·         Dacorum GP Federation Team

·         Clinical Pharmacy Team

And the winner is: Dr Sandip Pramanik & Attenborough PCN Mental Health Service

Staff member or small team:

● Making a difference in Primary Care (outstanding Customer Care)

·         Rachel Bell

·         Dr Mike Walton 

And the winner is: Rachel Bell!

● Working above and beyond (going that extra mile)

·         Dr Harriet Strain

·         Sheryll Bourne

·         Charles Odiase

·         Dr Sonal Shah

·         Sarah Sales

·         Heidi Budds

And the joint winners are: Heidi Budds and Sarah Sales!

● Team Spirit (Commitment and loyalty to others)

·         Sue Williams

·         Manisha Devani

·         Dr Haroon Rauf

And the winner is: Sue Williams!

● Outstanding Innovator (a team member who comes up with great new ideas)

·         Dr Martha Ford

·         Dr Alison Cowan

And the winner is: Dr Martha Ford!

Special Recognition Awards!

We have two awards for oustanding individuals who worked tirelessly to support Primary Care at such a difficult time. The two awards went to:

·         Dr Mike Walton

·         Dr Daniel Carlton-Conway



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