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Developing community services

We are developing new community-based services that reflect our Your Care, Your Future ambitions to provide better coordinated care closer to home - preventing people from having to go into hospital unnecessarily.

To help people be healthy and independent, new service are also focusing on prevention and supporting people to look after themselves.

We also want to make sure that people have the same good experience of receiving care and receive the same level of service, wherever they live in west Hertfordshire.

Our Your Care, Your Future health and council partners, voluntary and community organisations, patients and others have been involved in work to redesign services that reflects all of these aims.

Services under development

Adult Community Health Services

We are re-specifying and re-commissioning adult community health services to make services more cost effective and so that we can achieve changes to support our Your Care, Your Future aims quickly. In particular we want to see greater integration and collaboration with GPs and primary care services, social care, secondary care, mental health and voluntary services.  We will spend broadly the same amount on services but we will pay a future provider not based on activity (such as how many patients they see) but on results - how successfully they help patients. We will evaluate bids for the new service during 2018 and will announce the successful provider in April 2019 with the new service starting in October 2019.

Nutrition and dietetics

We have designed a new nutrition and dietetics service to provide the following support

  • Patients needing support with home feeding
  • Patients with special dietary needs linked to conditions such as coeliac disease or irritable bowel disease
  • Patients needing help to address their obesity such as behavioural therapy or lifestyle changes to avoid the need for surgical intervention.

The new service is designed to provide support for patients at every stage: from helping diagnosis and help with self-management to secondary care. It will also provide advice and guidance for health and social care staff.

We are assessing bids from providers interested in providing the new service and will announce in September who has got the contract. We expect to launch the service in December. 


These services will see and treat patients within the community, where appropriate, only transferring patients to secondary or specialist care if needed. We will expect to award contracts for these services in October 2018 and to launch them in early January 2019.

Respiratory services

We have worked with West Hertfordshire Hospital Trust and community provider Central London Community Health Trust to develop an integrated point of access for all respiratory conditions. This will support patients being seen in the right place, at the right time by the most appropriate clinician whether that is in community or in a specialist hospital. Patient choice will apply. The proposal is currently in its final modelling with an aim to pilot this during 2018/19.

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