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Carers Strategy

Our Carers’ Strategy sets out Herts Valleys CCG’s commitment to supporting people of all ages who provide care for friends and relatives.

What this means is that we are working hard to acknowledge the importance of carers in everything we do. The CCG accordingly has committed itself to:

  • Recognising and treating carers as a protected group for equality, quality and inclusion purposes.
  • Negotiating a ‘carers’ policy’ with all providers we commission services from setting out what carers should expect from the service
  • Showing how our leadership role in primary care can be used to improve support to carers
  • Being a flexible carer-friendly employer and encouraging providers to as well
  • Being an active partner in Hertfordshire’s multi-agency carers’ strategy (since we know that carers suffer when services do not work together effectively) 

For more information on our Carers' Strategy here



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