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Future Plans

Our Plans for the Future of Health Care in west Herts

As the local leader of the NHS in west Herts, our Clinical Commissioning Group has to have a clear plan for developing and delivering safe, high quality health care, as close to home as possible.

We know, because our patients tell us, that if possible they prefer to receive their health care in the community, at home or through their local GP surgery.

We also need to set out clearly how we will protect services in the face of growing pressures on the health and social care system and a very difficult financial situation.

We have drawn up our plans in partnership with CCG staff, patients and the public as well as our colleagues in other NHS organisations and the local authority.

We have a bold vision for changing the way health and social care is provided. Our aim is not only to radically redesign the local NHS but also to change the way you – as a patient and a member of our community – choose and use NHS services.

At the centre of our vision are the individual patients registered with our member GP practices.

Our focus is on helping you to keep yourself well.

If you need health care we want as much of that care as possible to be provided as close to home as possible.

This includes tests or other treatment needed before or after care in hospital. It also includes support to help the growing number of people living with long term health conditions like diabetes, as well as patients who are nearing the end of their lives.

If you do need to go into hospital, we will strive to ensure that your stay there is as short as possible and that you come home as soon as it is safe to do so, having received care that is as safe and as effective as possible.

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Your Care, Your Future

Your Care, Your Future

Sustainability and Transformation Partnership

Sustainability and Transformation Partnership

Plans and strategies

Plans and strategies

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