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Our Governing Body (Board)

Here is a link to our constitution. 

The CCG membership is accountable for exercising the statutory functions of the CCG. The membership has chosen to grant authority for most functions to a governing body, our board, to act on their behalf. There are sixteen members of the CCG board, which is made up of:

  • Eight GPs, two from each of our four locality areas, one of whom is appointed Chair of the CCG and one of whom is the deputy clinical chair.
  • Four lay members, one of whom is appointed Deputy Chair of the CCG. Among these members, one has responsibility for governance matters, one for primary care commissioning and one for public and patient participation.
  • A Secondary Care Specialist Doctor
  • Three Executive members: the Chief Executive Officer (Accountable Officer), the Chief Finance Officer and the Director of Nursing and Quality.

Composition of the CCG Board 2018-2019

Board meetings

The dates and papers for upcoming board meetings can be found by clicking the following link. 

Board meeting dates and papers 2019/20

View our recorded board meetings on Youtube

 The legal role of our board is to:

  • Ensure that the CCG has appropriate arrangements in place to exercise its functions effectively, efficiently and economically and in accordance with the CCG’s principles of good governance, which include the Nolan Principles.
  • Determine the remuneration, fees and other allowances payable to employees, office holders or other persons providing services to the CCG.
  • Approve any functions of the CCG that are specified in regulations.

Further, in discharging functions of the CCG that have been delegated to the CCG board, board committees or joint committees, individuals must:

  • Comply with the principles of good governance1
  • Operate in accordance with the CCG’s Scheme of Reservation and Delegation.
  • Comply with the CCG’s standing orders.
  • Comply with the CCG’s arrangements for discharging its statutory duties.
  • Where appropriate, ensure that member practices have had the opportunity to contribute to the CCG’s decision making process.

1Herts Valleys CCG ensures that our arrangements reflect best practice across the NHS and public sector in England by the implementation of an integrated governance protocol. This protocol is intended to ensure that everyone is clear on expectations of individuals and teams in relation to corporate governance. Adherence to this protocol is mandatory for all staff, board and members of its committees.

Our board is supported by the following committees, the terms of reference for each having been agreed by the board:

  • Audit Committee
  • Remuneration Committee
  • Primary Care Commissioning Committee
  • Quality Committee
  • Finance and Performance Committee
  • Commissioning Executive Committee
  • Patient and Public Involvement Committee


Board and committee attendance 2019/2020

Please find below a record of attendance for the following committees:

GP members


Nicolas Small

Chair, Board GP Hertsmere


Trevor Fernandes

Board GP Dacorum, Deputy Clinical Chair


Corina Ciobanu

Board GP Dacorum


Kate Page

Board GP Hertsmere and Locality chair


Richard Pile

Board GP St Albans and Harpenden


Daniel Carlton-Conway

Board GP St Albans and Harpenden and Locality Chair


Rami Eliad

Board GP Watford and Three Rivers


Asif Faizy

Board GP Watford and Three Rivers and Locality Chair

Lay members


Stuart Bloom

Lay Member, Deputy Chair


Alison Gardner

Lay Member


Paul Smith

Lay Member


Thelma Stober

Lay Member

Secondary care consultant



Secondary care consultant

Executive members


Diane Curbishley

Director of Nursing and Quality


Elke Taylor

Acting Chief Finance Officer


David Evans

Interim Chief Executive Officer

Executive team (Advisory capacity)


Juliet Rodgers

Associate Director of Communications and Engagement


Hein Scheffer

Director of Workforce


Rod While

Head of Corporate Governance


Lynn Dalton

Director of Primary Care


Avni Shah

Interim Director of Commissioning

Members of the public are reminded that CCG Board meetings are meetings held in public, not public meetings.

All board meetings take place in public unless in the opinion of the Chair of the CCG board it is in the public interest to meet in private session.

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