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My Care Record will help deliver better co-ordinated care

People in west Hertfordshire are benefiting from better, joined-up care thanks to a new programme which gives health and care professionals the ability to view medical records during treatment.

My Care Record is a new system which means health and care professionals can see your health records on their computer. It allows us to share information about you with your Direct Care Team which may include, GPs, hospital-based doctors and nurses, social workers and other health care professionals. The sharing of information has always happened (to a lesser degree) with paper processes such as referral letters and faxes. My Care Record aims to provide your care team with electronic access to the information they need to make the best decisions about your health and care.  

My Care Record is available at departments at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust (WHHT).

Dr Jon Hykin, Herts Valleys CCG Chief Clinical Information Officer, said:

“As part of the ‘Your Care, Your Future’ programme, people in west Hertfordshire  told us they wanted to see better joined-up care.  Since then, we have made good progress in bringing together health and care services in order to improve the experience of patients.

“Our next step is to ensure that health and care professionals directly involved in a person’s care have access to the most up-to-date information about them. This will help ensure professionals have more time to spend on clinical care and reduce the repetition and paperwork.”

Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group engaged patients across the west Hertfordshire area during summer 2018 to let them know about the new programme. This included presence at local community events, local advertising and information available at your local GP surgery.

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