Filming board meetings

From May 2019, our board meetings will be recorded, as part of our commitment to making information about decision making as accessible as possible. We also hope that this will help us to engage more local people in the work we do in west Herts.

View our recorded board meetings on YouTube.

On-line Board meetings in public

Local people can join on-line board meeting in public as observers.

If you would like to join the virtual meeting to observe as if you would at a face-to-face meeting, please email or call 01442 284074 and we will send you the log in details for the meeting. Deadline for this is two days before the virtual meeting.

If you have a question related to items on the agenda, please email these using the  contact details above. We would need to receive your question two days before the meeting too.

Due to the constraints of a virtual meeting, you will not be able to ask questions during the meeting itself.