Healthcare in communities

We want to provide more healthcare, treatment and support in local communities to avoid people having to go to hospital for things like outpatient appointments and less serious issues.

  • At the centre of these new services will be health and wellbeing hubs that are being developed across west Hertfordshire. They will bring together a range of health services such as GPs, pharmacists, dentists, optometrists and physiotherapists as well as providing tests, treatments and support groups.
  • Urgent Care
  • We are also providing more care at home including social care, community nursing services and services such as speech and language therapy to help people’s rehabilitation at home, for example following a stroke.
  • Our pdf Primary Care Implementation Plan (1.22 MB) sets out how changes to the delivery of primary and community services will make 'Your Care, Your Future' a reality.

Health and Wellbeing Hubs

Health and wellbeing hubs will underpin the development of local care networks across west Hertfordshire.

In each hub, GP and other primary care services will be available alongside community and other health and care services. Hubs will be carefully designed with local clinicians and stakeholders for that area to offer services that are tailored to the particular needs of the community they serve.

The hubs will also link up with voluntary organisations who can also offer additional care, advice and support and with local services like gyms and libraries. It’s all about joining together all the various services that support people’s health and wellbeing and that could be part of future treatment plans.

Examples of services that might be provided in these hubs include:

  • Health promotion and prevention services such as weight loss and stop smoking clinics
  • Some GP, pharmacy and optometry services
  • Social care support
  • Tests and treatments such as x-rays, ultra sound scans, blood tests, mental health services, minor surgery, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy
  • Urgent care services for those that don’t need full A&E
  • Support groups, classes and so on, including those offered by the voluntary sector

The focus will be on helping people keep well and look after themselves and making sure that when people do need help services are coordinated so that patients get more joined-up care and have less distance to travel wherever possible.