Case for change

In July 2015 we published the pdf Case for Change (3.79 MB) , setting out the need to improve services to meet our changing health and social care needs and deliver within the finances available.

Engagement in developing the case for change

In developing the Case for Change we have engaged with a wide range of residents and clinicians through meetings, events, conversation cafes, surveys and social media to understand views of existing health and social care services locally. You can find out pdf more about this engagement activity (2.59 MB) .

We have also worked with local communities to shape the future of local services. A report of the pdf locality meetings held in Hertsmere, Watford and St Albans (2.50 MB) is available. Reports of the further locality meetings can be found below:

  pdf Hertsmere (302 KB)

  pdf Watford and Three Rivers (307 KB)

  pdf St Albans and Harpenden (316 KB)

  pdf Dacorum (316 KB)

What people have told us they would like to see

  • Improvements in the quality of care and consistency in patient outcomes
  • Less variation in life expectancy depending on where you live
  • More joined up care and care closer to home
  • Care in the right place at the right time and information about how to access this care
  • Services that will be sustainable into the future and that allow us to live within our means
  • Better use of existing healthcare facilities

The case for change in numbers

These infographics show why change is needed.

The ‘People’ infographic shows health-related facts about the population, such as the how many people are living with diabetes, dementia, and mental illness.


The 'Impact' infographic shows how various conditions and trends impact on the health and social care system and on the population.


Read the pdf final Case for Change report (3.89 MB) .

See an pdf easy read version of the final Case for Change (1.77 MB) .

Read the detailed pdf interim Case for Change report. (3.49 MB)