Social Media

Our Social Media Channels

We focus most of our social media activity on Twitter.

Following agreement by our Clinical Executive, a group of staff and GP leads (listed below) are are involved in our social media presence and use Twitter. This guidance note outlines the way that they and other colleagues will approach this.

Dr Kevin Barrett

Chair of the Watford and Three Rivers locality, and Clinical Lead for the Planned & Primary Care Programme of @HVCCG. Views = personal & RTs ≠ endorsement

Dr Marie Anne Essam

Integration and partnership clinical lead for @hvccg and a GP in the Watford and Three Rivers locality.

Dr Mike Walton

GP Board Member, Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO), Chair Diabetes Commissioning Subgroup of @HVCCG. GP Trainer. Views are my own.

Dr Richard Pile

I am a St Albans GP with a special interest in cardiology. I am member of the governing body for Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group. Views are my own.

Heather Aylward

Engagement Manager @HVCCG, mum of 5, Dementia Champion, passionate about sport, Director of @OWTSproductions Views are my own.

Juliet Rodgers

Communications and engagement lead for Herts Valleys CCG, part of the NHS in west Herts. Views entirely my own.

Trudi Mount

Head of IM&T at @HVCCG - Passionate about technology enabling the delivery of healthcare.