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MRET/readmissions spend for this year (2017/18)


Our position relating to the MRET/Readmissions spend for this year (17/18)

In the past this has been combined with a winter resilience pot to provide support to the local system throughout the year and specifically over the winter months. The total allocation has been in the region of £11m including £3.6m winter resilience. 

As advised and in light of the CCG financial position there will be no winter budget available for additional project spend in 17/18. However, while the monitored projects have been managed within the total amount, there have also been a number of additional projects and initiatives which could easily have been considered as support within the national MRET/Readmissions criteria.

The MRET/Readmissions statement which was produced several weeks ago illustrates where the spending allocations are being made in line with national guidance. The amounts shown below are indicative of FYE position only, not an agreed budget spend as they are all subject to review periodically to ensure they are delivering the benefits intended in both quality and cost.

Finally, as is demonstrated we are over committed against the current allocation and while monies may be released as projects are reviewed it cannot be assumed that those amounts are available for new initiatives as we need to consider current commitments in other areas which are within the MRET/Readmissions criteria and the current over commitment.

System resilience budget 2017/18

Opening position

Initial cash balance: £7,546,000
Current balance: £35, 918 overspend

Operating cash flow

Operating income:

  • MRET: £2,646,000
  • Re-admissions: £4,900,000
  • Total operating income: £7,546,000

Scheme expenses:

Rapid assessment interface & discharge(RAID) £994,000
Rapid Response (excluding Dacorum) £3,800,000
3 x hospital ambulance liaison officer (Halo) (Q1 only) £51,852
Care home improvement (CHIT) team £168,000
Specialist care at home - stroke pathway £120,000
Hospital at home CLCH £783,146
Emergency care practitioners (ECP) car team £403,000
Dacorum holistic health care team £395,000
Community Navigators £300,000
Spot purchase beds  £163,000
Additional beds from 2016/17 - Willow Court (Q1 only) £69,920
HCT Inreach and weekend bed bureau £192,000
GP front end April-June 2017 (Q1 only) £100,000
Carer-friendly hospital £21,000
MiDOS licence £6,000
Directory of services (DOS) additional staff £15,000
Total operating expenses £7,581,918