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Statement on Nascot Lawn

On Thursday 10 May, Herts Valleys CCG made a decision on the future funding of Nascot Lawn respite centre. The board met in public and decided to remove funding from the centre and to enter into an agreement with Hertfordshire County Council and also East and North Hertfordshire CCG to jointly fund overnight short breaks, with each CCG providing £100k a year towards supporting the health needs of the children.

Before the discussion amongst board members, we invited a representative from the parents’ group to speak for few minutes about the issue from her perspective. There was then a wide ranging and lengthy discussion amongst board members. The feedback from the county council as part of the consultation process, and the recent scrutiny meetings was outlined in some detail at the meeting.

A key focus was also on the arrangements for making sure that children receiving care from Nascot Lawn transition to one of the other council commissioned services safely and in a way that meets all their individual needs. Board members heard that good progress is being made with the families and the team at Herts Valleys CCG is working hard, alongside officer colleagues in the council, to engage each and every family and make the right transition arrangements for each individual. The challenge of delivering this was acknowledged and there was an unequivocal focus on managing this transition well.

Members of the CCG board also wanted to know how the other respite centres in the county- all commissioned by the county council in line with its statutory responsibility - would be developed so that they could look after the children who use Nascot Lawn. The board was assured that the CCG has examined any additional skills that staff at the other council commissioned services may need in order to deliver safe care to children moving from Nascot Lawn and all necessary training is being put in place. Some families have already made a move to other services and feedback has been positive.

Dr Nicolas Small, chair of Herts Valleys CCG, said:

“We continue to see the needs of this group of children as absolutely central and working together closely - with families and partners at Hertfordshire County Council - is our top priority as we move towards new care arrangements. I know that Kathryn Magson, our chief executive, together with other members of the team, were pleased to have been able to speak directly with a number of parents who had stayed behind after our meeting.

“We will now redouble our efforts with our county council colleagues to progress the transition arrangements and will formalise the agreement with our partners - to contribute the £100k per year towards supporting children and families who need respite care. “



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