GP patient groups

We have 68 GP practices in our four localities across west Hertfordshire, the majority of which have active practice patient groups.  The groups, made up of staff and patients, have a role in influencing the way that services are provided from the practice.

West Herts GP practice patient group network

This group has been set up by our patient and public involvement committee to establish a network (virtual and actual) of representatives from west Herts GP practice patient groups.

Purpose of the network

The network will provide an opportunity to:

  • Share good practice.
  • Support and encourage the development of an active practice patient group in every GP practice in west Herts.
  • Be a conduit for communicating with individual practice patient groups.
  • To encourage each practice patient group to have a representative at their locality patient group.

Read the group's terms of reference.

Community support – Let’s get connected

Meetings where voluntary and community groups come together with PPGs to raise awareness of what support is available in the local area, enable PPG members to be involved in social prescribing and also encourage local organisations to be involved with and promote how their members can get involved with PPGs and wider involvement. The notes of recent meetings are below.

Notes of meetings:

February 2016

May 2016

September 2016

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