Our values

These values are the six things that matter most to us. These were arrived at following discussions with staff, GPs and patient members of the PPI committee.

These core values form the framework for us to guide the work we do including the decisions we make and in the way that we work with each other. There are also designed to fit well with our new clinical strategy.

We know that having an agreed set of values is not enough; it is all too easy for this to be a paper exercise that goes no further than a few posters. We are keen to make these statements mean something to all our teams and people who work with us. So in addition to these core values, our teams will have their own specific statements that are relevant to their own areas of work.

The six things that matter most

being-no-words-100px1. Being caring and respectful

This means we...

  • Make sure that consideration of the impact on patient care is at the heart of all our decision-making
  • Treat everyone - including colleagues - with courtesy, listening to and respecting everybody's opinion
  • Support colleagues and partners 

having-no-words-100px2. Having ambition, courage and high standards

This means we...

  • Do things that are going to make a positive difference to local people
  • Are optimistic that as a team - with partners and the public - we can change things
  • Expect ourselves and each other to produce high quality work
  • Are not be afraid to do things differently to improve patient care 

makingsure-no-words-100px3. Making sure we are open, transparent, honest and straightforward

This means we...

  • Share our mistakes; and are prepared to say ‘sorry’
  • Acknowledge that mistakes happen – and learn from them
  • Give each other honest and straightforward feedback
  • Celebrate and share good practice when things have gone well 

working-no-words-100px4. Working - with partners and the public – as a team

This means we...

  • Actively involve partners and local people in planning and decision-making - in genuine partnership
  • Ask for people’s views and act on what they tell us
  • Explain how we’ve reached decisions
  • Co-operate fully and enthusiastically with colleagues in other teams to achieve aims
  • Appreciate everybody’s contribution

empowering-no-words-100px5. Empowering and energising clinicians, staff and local people

This means we...

  • Encourage and support new ideas
  • Let colleagues and teams get on with projects
  • Embrace and encourage enthusiasm

learning-no-words-100px6. Learning to be the best we can

This means we.....

  • Understand that we can always do better
  • Learn from others about how to do things better
  • Spend time learning new things