Our committees

The CCG is by law required to establish an Audit Committee and a Remuneration Committee in accordance with the requirements set out below. Each of these committees are chaired by the Lay Member charged with governance matters. 

  pdf Audit Committee (215 KB)

The Audit Committee is accountable to the CCG Board and provides the CCG Board with an independent and objective view of the CCG’s financial systems, financial information, risk management, compliance with laws, regulations and directions governing the CCG in so far as they relate to finance.

  pdf Remuneration Committee (200 KB)

The Remuneration Committee is accountable to the CCG Board and makes recommendations to the CCG Board on determinations about the remuneration, fees and other allowances for employees and for people who provide services to the CCG and on determinations about allowances under any pension scheme that the CCG may establish as an alternative to the NHS pension scheme.

Standing Committees

Standing Committees are expected to be durable bodies with a continuing existence, subject to the annual review of membership and terms of reference by the CCG Board. For terms of reference for all standing committees, please see the Herts Valleys CCG website

The CCG Board has put in place the following standing committees:

The Primary Care Commissioning Committee to carry out the functions relating to the commissioning of primary medical services under section 83 of the NHS Act except those relating to individual GP performance management, which have been reserved to NHS England.

The Quality and Performance Committee to oversee the integrated governance arrangements for the effective discharge of the CCG’s functions with particular focus on quality, performance and finance.

The pdf Patient and Public Involvement Committee (216 KB)  to provide the Board with assurance that there is meaningful participation in the business of the CCG from patients, carers, families and members of public across the CCG’s locality areas

The Investment Committee to review and assess potential service investments and disinvestments in line with NHS Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group’s strategy.