Hertsmere Locality

Board members: Dr Nicolas Small and Dr Mike Edwards
Locality Chair: Dr Raja Ganguly  Vice Chair: Dr Catherine Page
Chief Locality Officer: Jayne Taylor/Natalie Clennell (job share)

We cover the geographical area of Aldenham, Borehamwood, most of Bushey, Elstree, Potters Bar, Radlett and Shenley.

We serve a practice population of around 103,000. We have one main focus and that is to monitor and deliver the best possible medical care for all of our patients.

More information is available from Hertsmere Commissioning Locality

Hertsmere Commissioning operates through a Board which has representation from each practice. The Board members are:

PracticeGP Board MemberPractice Manager

Annandale Medical Centre
Annandale House 239 Mutton Lane Potters Bar Herts EN6 2AS

Dr Shubha Setty

Annette Barnes

Fairbrook Medical Centre
4 Fairway Avenue Borehamwood Herts WD6 1PR

Dr Kate Page (Vice Chair)

Brenda Stephens

Grove Medical Centre
Borehamwood Shopping Park Theobald Street Borehamwood Herts WD6 4PR

Dr Andrew Shapira

Karen Story

Highview Medical Centre
20 Southgate Road Potters Bar Herts EN6 5DZ

Dr Alison Ritchie

Gill Costello

Little Bushey Surgery
California Lane Bushey Herts WD23 1EZ

Dr Raja Ganguly (Chair)

Frances Agnew

Parkfield Medical Centre
The Walk Potters Bar Herts EN6 1QH

Dr Sai Ramanathan

Mimi Salgado

Schopwick Surgery
Romeland Elstree Herts WD6 3BJ

Dr Nicolas Small

Sue Williams

The Red House Group
124 Watling Street Radlett Herts  WD7 7JQ
Dr Ben Fitzgerald Lynn Delaney
Theobald Medical Centre
119-121 Theobald Street Borehamwood Herts WD6 4PT 
Dr Dipak Kapacee Patricia O’Neill

In addition, there are two patient representatives who are non-voting members of the Board; Robert Hillyard and Caroline Sutherland.

Hertsmere also has an Executive committee which meets at each Practice on a rolling programme. Hertsmere’s regular sub committees are Mental Health, Prescribing and the Patient and Public Involvement Group. The Locality also holds a regular Community Nursing Review group meeting and a monthly operational meeting with Herts Community Trust

Other groups are convened on a ‘task and finish’ basis.


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T. 01442 898 888
E. enquiries.hvccg@nhs.net

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