About us

We are the NHS organisation responsible for commissioning (planning, designing and buying) health services on behalf of people who live in Hertfordshire’s council districts of Dacorum, Hertsmere, St Albans, Three Rivers and Watford. This is a population of about 627,000.

We have a budget of about £800 million that we spend on community, hospital and mental health services. We jointly commission some of our services – such as mental health, NHS 111 and the GP out-of-hours service – in partnership with Hertfordshire County Council and East and North Hertfordshire CCG.

We are increasingly pooling budgets with local health and social care organisations to enable us to provide more integrated services for our residents. This is better for patients and services users as it joins up teams from across organisations allowing a more holistic approach to care. This way of working also reduces duplication and makes best use of precious human and financial resources.

Our organisation is governed by a board that is mainly made up of GPs and other clinicians with the remainder comprising very senior CCG managers and lay members. Look at our folder structure charts for more information.

  pdf Our constitution (1.53 MB) sets out how member practices agree that the organisation is governed and how commissioning decisions are made on their behalf. NHS Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group is a statutory body set up to commission health services on behalf of the patients it serves. CCG member practices agree to work collaboratively to fulfil the purpose of the CCG and abide by its constitution.

We are responsible for commissioning healthcare for over 600,000 people in west Hertfordshire and has a budget in excess of £800 million to deploy. It is only right that the way we perform our task is set out in policy and in procedural terms: a pdf constitution (1.53 MB) may not be everyone’s choice of light reading, but it contains important provisions to ensure proper decision making and effective accountability.

With our partners – West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust, East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust and Hertfordshire County Council – we have approved a strategic outline case for the future provision of health and social care in west Hertfordshire – Your Care, Your Future. This means that more services will be provided closer to people’s homes which will enable us to help people stay healthy, improve the quality of care we can provide, improve clinical results and ensure services are more sustainable for the future.

You can read more about Your Care, Your Future – including the ways that you can be involved in this exciting new future – by visiting www.yourcareyourfuture.org.uk